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[26 Jul 2015|02:38pm]
Name: Kristy

01. Octavia Blake | The 100 | [info]insense | The 100/Sense8 | Marie Avgeropoulos | TBD. Probably NYC
» How are they different from their canon? Octavia Blake was kidnapped by a nanny (on behalf of a faction of the Russian mafia) when she was eight years old, brought to Moscow, and never actively sought by her family. She isn't sure if this was because they didn't care or if they were simply cowards, but it put a solid chip on her shoulder very early. Instead of trying to break free, she embraced her surroundings, learning to con and manipulate her way through the world. She's just finished law school and works as a defense attorney in high profile criminal cases. Octavia is smart and cold, and she shuts out pretty much everyone. It's her against the world, essentially.

And then, suddenly, she had people in her head.
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